The Tunnels

"Fascinating – and it is all true.” – Frederick Forsyth, author of The Odessa File and Day of the Jackal


September 3, 2017

Reviews and Praise for The Tunnels

See below for praise from The New York Times Book Review,  Washington Post and many others (from Frederick Forsyth to Bill Moyers), for The… More
July 11, 2017

Putin and the Fall of the Wall

Russia’s strong man, Vladimir Putin, is even more in the news this week with revelations, in the Washington Post and The New York Times,… More
April 30, 2017

Bill Moyers on The Tunnels

When I set out to fully research my new book, The Tunnels:  Escapes Under the Berlins Wall and the Historic Films JFK Tried to… More
December 29, 2016

The Stasi Saboteur

One of my favorite films of the past decade, and an Oscar winner, The Lives of Others, met with some criticism in its native… More