February 1, 2017

About That Movie Based on The Tunnels


Almost three years ago, in a fairly unusual move, film rights for my new non-fiction book The Tunnels: Escapes Under the Berlin Wall and the Historic Films the JFK White House Killed,  were purchased based on the (lengthy) proposal for the book, with Paul Greengrass attached to direct.   It was just then being circulated to publishers and the  coverage of the film deal in “the trades”  (Variety, Hollywood Reporter) noted this.  Soon the book found a fine home at Crown.

You might ask, since the book is now out (as of two weeks ago), what’s happening with the film?  No surprise, for Hollywood, it is moving along slowly–but moving along.

As you may know, Greengrass had to film his latest Bourne saga and a screenwriter had to be picked and then he had to get to work.  The screenplay is now in its final stages of revisions.

So we’ll see how things go from here and I’ll keep you posted.