Who Owns Death?

Capital Punishment, the American Conscience, and the End of Executions
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Co-authored by  Robert Jay Lifton

"It is a remarkable testimony to the authors' skills and the clarity of their writing that whether one is for or against capital punishment, by the end of this book the reader wlll agree that inexorable forces are carrying us to the eventual abolition of the death penalty."  The New York Times Book Review


"In eloquent detail, Lifton and Mitchell indict the randomness and cruelty of executions and the heavy burden they place on the souls of those who prosecute, defend, and sit as judges and jurors, and those who participate in the process of putting someone to death." -- Los Angeles Times.

In this timely book, Robert Jay Lifton and Greg Mitchell investigate the mindsets of individuals involved in the death penalty -- including prison wardens, prosecutors, jurors, religious figures, governors, judges, and relatives of murder victims -- and offer a textured look at a system that perpetuates the longstanding American habit of violence.

Richly rewarding and meticulously researched, Who Owns Death? explores the history of the death penalty in the United States, from hanging to lethal injection, and considers what this search for more "humane" executions reveals about us as individuals and as a society... and what the future of the death penalty holds for us all.

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